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The Beatles Home 
Concert Experience

This is an in-home concert experience

to celebrate the album Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the first-ever concept album.

To recreate the experience of being in a concert during the pandemic. Everyone

would listen to the vinyl at the same time

on the 26th of May, the anniversary of

its release.

A unique piece of packaging would accompany the new pressing of the vinyl.

The box has two components, the lid and

the base. The lid has strategically placed pieces of perforated card that can be

popped out to transform into a bandstand that fits around your record player.

Multiple touchpoints bring the concert experience to life, such as a ticket with a

QR code directing you to a Youtube live stream of a light show, a programme,

a T-shirt and iron-on patches.

The LP comes in an envelope which you are not to open until the night of the concert. Inside the envelope is a pop-out model of

The Beatles which can be placed in the

centre of the Vinyl.

Inspired by 1960s experimental motion

pieces, I created my own imagery which

later evolved into the Psychedelic symbols found on the packaging.

To accompany the campaign is a website

with trivia pages: these can be unlocked

when you scan the QR codes on

the packaging.

To create an immersive online experience,

new exclusive content will be released via social media pages such as new emojis,

filters and podcasts.

Image of record player from cleanpng

Iphone mockup from Anthony Boyd Graphics

T-shirt mockup from

Booklet mockup from

Badges mockup from Camocreative

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